Another Fine Mess - Fila Brazillia

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    30 Jan 2004
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    26 January 2004
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  • Fila Brazillia have got a bucket load of albums (eight in total me thinks) and a whole garage full of singles and remixes to their name. Their history is entrenched in the UK house and dance scene, producing tempo's that ranged from up and down and never a group to be compartmentalised, they drew descriptions like (and I quote): "speedy breakbeat, country hip-hop, samba sorcerers, cowpoke blues and Vangelis gone disco". That's an all to do great policy to approach when recording but I'm not so sure it works on the release of their "Another Fine Mess" effort. There's a great and diverse selection of tracks here that seem to reflect their nonchalance for fusing disparate elements together. But on the whole it doesn't quite cut it like the supposed "acid house" theme or "chill out" vibe the label are rooting for. Maybe its not that contrived, because there's some absolute gems on here. The opening of the mix features Bushy's excellent "Don't mind if I do" and Pepe Delexe's "Girl", both tunes laden with funked up disco glory. 'Theme from 17' by the underrated and under heard Kings of the Wild Frontier drips a summer vibe with jangly guitar chords and is followed by more synthy funk from Naab and Grand Popo FC. After that its a real down hill slide featuring a mixed barrel of random tracks. The remixes from Tiefschwarz on Jolly Music and Ewan Pearson on Goldfrapp are a bit wide of the mark, and Yello's electro-pop 'I love you' and 80's gloom group Killing Joke further fuel the search for remote. Here's a joke: One music lover who was sick of the eighties said to the other music lover, "In the lifecycles of all these things, this one just got a puncture". Post club scenario, this mix is cutting it much past track 7. As a double vinyl pack it may well be a perfect way of getting your hands on some nice bits without having to trawl the depths of the internet.