Unkle - In A State (Sasha's Mix)

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  • Label: Island a. Sasha Mix b. Album Mix From the minds of electronicas’ finest producers and DJ’s across the far lands of the globe came a sultry and lush piece of production from Unkle in their debut album “Psyence Fiction” four years ago. Comprising of a stellar cast that was lead by James Lavelle with fellow producers DJ Shadow, Richard Ashcroft, and Mike D (of the Beastie Boys fame); four well-known and respected producers and DJ’s had combined their multi-talents into one deadly force. Now with just James Lavelle still as captain with fellow Unkle partner Richard Ascroft, and friend Ant Genn, Unkle is seeking to share its vision once again. Sasha’s Mix is essentially identical to the album mix from Unkle themselves. Not much has been changed at all; even the man himself stated that the original was so good, there was not much he felt needed to be altered. What Sasha has done is extend the track four more minutes with minor added effects and stronger emphasis on the flourishing introductory breakdown and celestial guitar riffs. Sasha’s synopsis is paced much more swiftly than the album version. With the additional tweaks by Sasha on an already cinematic piece of production from Unkle, this is a worthy re-edit from one of this year’s best album. The Album Mix is paced much more leisurely. All the sounds are slowed down after a listen from Sasha’s re-edit. Starting with a simple piano key, the prologue begins as if it were a soundtrack for the movie “Halloween.” The guitar breakdowns are a bit more frozen with more weight on the string arrangements. Echo’s of the vocalist silently chanting in the backdrop adds great effect to the development of the track. Unkle paces the track decorously, surrounding the vocals in minimal beats and sweeping guitar riffs. A psychedelic storm for the senses - this is a great start for Unkle with their new album “Never, Never, Land.” A very fun release from Lavelle and company. Part two of a two-part LP release of “In A State.” It’s great to see Unkle back and with Lavelle’s second release for Global Underground’s Main GU Line in Romania, “progressive” music has never been better.