Person Of Interest - What You Think You Want

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  • I tend to like L.I.E.S. best when it's in loner mode—artists like Terekke and Florian Kupfer understand club conventions, but their music sounds like it was dreamed up in bedrooms with the curtains permanently drawn. Add Person Of Interest to that list. Hailing from somewhere—as with plenty of L.I.E.S. artists, you won't find many good leads at this stage—the producer displays a keen ear for body-moving rhythm on What You Think You Want, the third Person Of Interest record for Ron Morelli. While there's plenty to get your feet tapping—the drum programming, elastic and slicing, is stellar across all three tracks—there's teasingly little to whistle along to. There's melody here, to be certain, but Person Of Interest stifles it for as long as possible. On "What You Think You Want," most of the synth riff sounds muffled. As it climbs higher in the scale, though, a few full-fledged screams slip through. The woozier "Keep It Moving" keeps similarly mum until an epic swell in the second half. There's very little that suggests it's coming, and it doesn't exactly lead anywhere, but the section is gorgeous in the context of an otherwise bone-rattling rhythm track. "My 97's" comes closest to a massive tune, with irresistible electro drumming carrying a hands-in-the-air hook. Its weird add-ons—crunchy field recordings from what sounds like an inner-city park—will make it a hair too damaged for most record bags. Morelli, of course, isn't averse to signing straight-up floor-fillers, but as close as What You Think You Want comes, it's another EP for shut-ins, by shut-ins.
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      A1 What You Think You Want B1 Keep It Moving B2 My 97s