DJ Deeon - Deeon Doez Deeon!

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  • Deeon Doez Deeon is an EP of four DJ Deeon tracks originally issued through Dance Mania between 1994 and 1996. It could just as easily be a calling card for the label itself. As spectacular and modern as some of its original material has been down the years, their occasional reissues of ceiling-banging party records offer the clearest insight into the Numbers ethos. The First Choice and Loose Joints-sampling "2 B Free"—something of an outlier in the Deeon catalogue—handles its delicate materials with uncommon care while, at the same time, bumping them against each other until they almost collapse. Deeon's more familiar ghetto-house cuts are also represented here. "House-O-Matic"'s vocal pulls most of the weight despite being the simplest bit of this utterly addictive record. The synth notes on the similarly excellent "The 604" nuzzle a little deeper down the scale; beyond that, teasing out differences between the two is tough. The inclusion of "Freak Like Me," the shortest and sweetest of the quartet, is a nod to Deeon's horny discography; until the next reissue, you'll have to hit the second-hand market for something as saucy as "Freak Mode."
  • Tracklist
      01. 2 B Free 02. House-O-Matic 03. Freak Like Me 04. The 604