John Talabot - Without You

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  • The release of this track John Talabot recorded for his DJ-Kicks mix in 2013 marks the reactivation of the DJ-Kicks 12-inch series. "Without You" is now the third cut from Talabot's exquisite mix to get a full release, after Pional's "It's All Over" (on Hivern Discs) and Talabot and Axel Boman's "Sideral" (on Hivern/Studio Barnhus). "Without You" sits alongside those two as the most memorable moments on what was RA's mix CD of the year. It's great to hear Talabot's celestial original in its complete form. Its mood and structure make it feel like Talabot's response to Axel Boman's "Klinsmann"—no accident probably, given that Talabot blended the two tracks on the mix. There isn't a weak contribution among the three remixes, but neither is there one that truly improves on the original. Thomas Melchior's offering under his Melchior Productions Ltd. name is the highlight, thanks to a beautiful key pattern that propels a track backgrounded by gorgeous textures. Oskar Offerman's "Without Her" Mix is a gentle rush of pads and plinking melodies that makes for a pleasing ride. Mistakes Are Okay's "Midnight Version" lives up to its name, rearranging the original's heavenly voices and adding a dose of darkness with a kinetic bassline.
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      01. Without You 02. Without You (Melchior Productions Ltd Sueno Sin Ti Remix) 03. Without You (Oskar Offermann Without Her Remix) 04. Without You (Mistakes Are Okay Midnight Version)