Victoria Kim - Kiko Kicks

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  • Victoria Kim are a Seoul-via-Sydney act who make a cosmopolitan brew of grime, ballroom and Jersey club. They also have a secret ingredient. As DJs and producers, the duo sprinkle K-pop onto their dance beats, a concoction that's as sweet as it is robust. Their memorable Truants mix from last year was a splendid showcase of what they call "K-grime," and now they're striking out with their first release of 2015. "Kiko Kicks" tackles ballroom. Victoria Kim have played balls with scene kingpins like MikeQ, and "Kiko Kicks" is blessed with an acerbic vocal from ballroom star Divoli S'vere, who apparently wanted to jump on the track as soon as he heard the instrumental. It's easy to see why: the duo's infectious beat leaps over vintage drum breaks, human gasps and cat sounds with an effortless bounce. Australian producer Air Max '97 rebuilds the skeleton of "Kiko Kicks," replacing its ballroom lunge with a woodpecker pattern that recalls his bracing recent productions. Rounding off the EP, "It My Woman (Korean Version)" turns a Wonder Girls sample into a slick, breaks-driven banger. This one splits the difference between Jersey club and drum & bass, with ominous Reese basslines lurking like sharks circling their prey. It's tough, sure, but the duo never let you forget you're listening to a chop-up of a Korean girl group. It's a simple but clever juxtaposition that underlines what makes Victoria Kim such a promising act.
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      01. Kiko Kicks feat. Divoli S'vere 02. Kiko Kicks (Air Max '97 Remix) 03. It My Woman (Korean Version) 04. Kiko Kicks (Instrumental)
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