Sabre - Morning Worship

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  • There are two conflicting forces in the music of Lisbon duo Sabre. On the one hand, their longform, melodic techno tracks border on prog house in their grandiosity. On the other, the duo's fuzzy synths evoke the woozier world of Lone or Boards Of Canada. Following releases on Tasteful Nudes and W.T. Records, Morning Workshop gives both of these tendencies freer rein—for better and for worse. Cascavel is a city in Brazil, and the title of "Cascavel Breeze" neatly captures its feel: a seductive evocation of warm, distant lands. Its chords are bright and smeared like blobs of ice cream on a hot pavement, but rather than attempting a saccharine overload, the duo stretch their sounds out into a measured techno composition. "Vigilante" uses similar chords equally well, pairing them with elegant kalimba-like melodies and bits of weirdly distorted speech. Elsewhere, the duo straighten things out in pursuit of grander thrills. "Ghetto Profit" crests and falls hugely; when it drops around the 5:30 mark, all booming drums and plangent melodies, the effect is pretty cheesy. The plodding closer, "Streets Of Love | Blaze," meanwhile, tries out several melodic ideas, none of them hugely convincing.
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      A1 Cascaval Breeze A2 Ghetto Prophet B1 Vigilante B2 Streets of Love_Blaze