Claudio PRC & Ness - Icore

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  • Dino Sabatini has kept his Outis Music label almost entirely focused on Italian talent. He's now enlisted three more like-minded compatriots for Icore, a single from Claudio PRC & Ness that packs remixes from Nuel and Sabatini. The result is a varied trio of techno tools that further broaden the label's hypnotic sound. Sardinians PRC and Ness, each a deft producer in his own right, have been working together for a while now, releasing a handful of records and a cassette album as The Gods Planet. "Icore," a sprawling, atmospheric cut, is basically business as usual. With transitions marked by sharp splashes, its main element is an acidic bassline that bends around bare-bones 4/4 percussion and swells beneath layers of white noise and wiggly reverb. Some heads might rush to this record for the rare appearance from Nuel, an artist perhaps best known for the Aquaplano project with Donato Dozzy. His remix uses some of the original's swirling ambience, but otherwise it's a heavy, heads-down cut focused on rolling drums and a descending bassline, which together bristle with the sort of shifting textures of his Aquaplano tracks. A much slower rework from Sabatini aims for mellower vibes by means of patient, syncopated percussion, eddying synth tones and a weighty, gradually unfurling acid riff. Nuel's remix is my pick, but it's hard to choose between three tracks that effectively tackle three different situations.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Icore A2 Icore (Nuel Remix) B1 Icore (Dino Sabatini Remix)