Planetary Assault Systems - The Eyes Themselves

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  • A new EP from Luke Slater as Planetary Assault Systems barely comes with any hype, but maybe that's because they're always good. Slater can probably lay claim to more quality productions than any other UK techno artist, with a 20-year career that includes some of the genre's best tracks. His Planetary Assault Systems guise is largely regarded as an outlet for galloping, in-your-face club music, but in reality this is only part of the picture. Deeper tracks make up a decent chunk of the PAS catalogue, but they're often forgotten in favour of peak-time weapons. The Eyes Themselves, the latest Planetary Assault Systems on Mote-Evolver, is a reminder that Slater's softer side is every bit as good as his tough mode. Every recent Planetary Assault System track sounds hypnotic, whether it's something sinister like 2011's "Rip The Cut" or a more mellow effort like 2013's "Nanendi." The Eyes Themselves is Slater with his foot off the pedal, which accentuates its headiness. The bleepy title track is the highlight, morphing from a beat and bassline to an engrossing barrage of sci-fi keys. The housey "Strange Attractor" is just as spacey, but probably more functional. "Arc" is the most boisterous thing here, and a nice counterpoint to the deeper flipside.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Eyes Themselves A2 Strange Attractor B1 Arc