Divided - Mile End

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  • Divided is a young UK producer who makes gently broken techno. His sound, especially on "Eventide" (a highlight from his Resin debut), is colourful and lean, a style he improves on for his debut on the equally fresh-faced Project 13 MCR label. "Uildi" swings wildly. Its appeal is in the way its meaty kick is set against the floating, wriggling leads, a nice effect that has the physical impact of a heavy techno track without the oppressive force. Hodge's remix doesn't reinvent "Uildi" so much as adjust it, going slightly more linear, lightly distressed and heavy on the delay effects. "Mehringe" is a dirtier take on the style, with a pulsating bassline and a fantastically filthy hi-hat. "Mile End" one-ups "Uildi" by swinging so drastically that it feels drunk. Its sandpapery chords and angry vocal samples sound a bit goofy, however, suggesting that Divided is maybe better at working with melodies.
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      A1 Uildi A2 Merhige B1 Mile End B2 Uildi (Hodge Remix)