Madteo - Raveyard Shifts

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  • Parisian label Latency has made late-night music its specialty. New York's Joey Anderson and Workshop co-founder Even Tuell each released some of their prettiest and most introspective material on the label, producing exquisite moments of dance floor bliss for closing-set DJs with an adventurous streak. Madteo is a nice addition to this crew: he, too, is a house music eccentric who favours unusual states of mind. But even in this company, his take on the "raveyard shift" is wonderfully weird. "Irreconcilable Indifferences" and "Hoodshedding" are both foggy, low-slung rhythm workouts, their grooves so slow and erratic that you'd be forgiven for missing them entirely. Both work with a handful of samples, slicing and retriggering in classic Madteo style. The A-side, with its dissonant guitar clusters and background distortion, is probably the stronger of the two, but both have a hypnotic quality that rewards deep listening—preferably through a fog of exhaustion and alcohol. Closing the B-side, "Discomfort Zone" blows out some of the cobwebs with arrhythmic synth blasts and the odd squeal of feedback. Madteo has been bolder elsewhere, but as a window into his strange universe, Raveyard Shifts is as good as any.
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      A1 Irreconcilable Indifferences B1 Hoodshedding B2 Discomfort Zone