Fiedel - Step Aside

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  • Michael Fiedler, the Berghain resident also known as Fiedel, is a bit of a late bloomer. Granted, he's always been good—he and Errorsmith have been making riotous club tools as MMM since 1996—but it's only in the last few years that he's stepped out as a solo producer. The result has been a series of electrifying, dub-informed techno records, all released on his Hard Wax-distributed label, Fiedelone. Though still something of a well-kept secret, their taut rhythms and reduced aesthetic have made them a favorite among Berlin DJs. Step Aside, his latest EP, shows him further perfecting his singular style. The title track is Fiedel in full effect: a lean and tactile slice of techno with drums like carved porcelain and chords like rubber. In a subtle flourish, the snare hits only on the three, lending a dubby wobble to an otherwise linear beat. "Sloth Moth" drops the 4/4 pulse completely to deliver a menacing, ultra-wide dub groove. Once again, the composition is bold and sparse, its immaculate drums floating in space.
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      A1 Step Aside B1 Sloth Moth