Virginia - My Fantasy EP

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  • Virginia is a producer and DJ with a talent that separates her from virtually all of her peers: she can sing. When she takes the microphone during a set at a place like Panorama Bar (where she is a resident) and adlibs vocals over a track, you can sense a dramatic change in the atmosphere, something that's unique to her. Her second EP for Ostgut Ton is, she says, a continuation of an effort to establish a persona as a producer distinct from that of "the singer who also DJs." My Fantasy moves at a more considered pace than her Ostgut debut, Loch & Hill, and this unhurried approach suits Virginia. "Fictional" is typical of the lush synth arrangements she plays in her sets. The melodies are generous and tightly weaved together, swelling and twisting as they go before they're wrung dry by a breakdown that exposes the track's nimble bassline. "Never Enough"'s sharp chords press firmly on the bassline, which is tightly-wound and fleet-footed. It's the simplest track of the three, but its emphasis on bass and melody, which combine to give the track an end-of-the-night feel, lends it plenty of power. The title track is the only one with vocals, but here they don't add much to the song's appeal. The track's Chicago sci-fi feel falls a bit flat, lacking the vitality of the EP's other songs.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fictional B1 My Fantasy B2 Never Enough