Mr. Top Hat & Art Alfie - KVK900

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  • KVK900 spends 14 minutes of its running time telling you, with some authority, that "this is the sound of house music." It's a simple yet persuasive argument. Appearing initially as a relatively short snippet on Ryan Elliott's exceptional Panorama Bar mix, the unabridged "House Music" runs thick with disco samples and a bassline so muscular it could pull a truck one-handed. The weight of the track's low-end acts like a gravitational field, drawing in sonic debris—chords, reverb, toms, a diva's wail. In every sense it's a big record, but one that smartly pulls the reins before it gets too boisterous. "The Glitch" is a slinky techno record at heart, but its centre is beaten with clumpy drums and smudged with ambient echoes that soften its impact. Like the A-side, it has plenty of brawn, but it's got brains to match as well.
  • Tracklist
      A1 House Music B1 The Glitch