Stacey Pullen - Fabric 14

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  • Seven years is a mighty long time in dance music, and it's that long since Stacey Pullen stepped up to set down a DJ mix. It's Fabric we have to thank for coaxing him out of 'retirement', and he delivers in style with a set of house and techno which requires no skipping on the CD player. First up it's the tribal sounds of Cutlab's 'Spacey Bongo', its funky bass going right through the floor, an encouraging sign of things to come. Having announced his intentions, Pullen moves through the housey sounds of B B Boogie and Defected's Vibe Residents, upping the tension with a track from Shuffle Heads before arriving at an excellent double header of Pure Science and Peace Division. The latter's 'Beatz and Peacez' is rapidly gaining anthem status. It's time for funkier tech-house now from Magoo and Niquid, leading into the bizarre and hypnotic sound world of Moodyman's 'Music People', which captures a South American vibe and twists it into a dark dancefloor monster. Now Pullen's really flying, and Men With Sticks, DIY and the mighty Tabass Nocturn tune 'The Drum' build towards the set's closing big moments - Dave Angel and Solid Groove. Angel's 'Catch 2' is vintage, the kind of end of the night tune that conjures the last ounce of energy from your dying legs. Just when you think it's time to go the scattered breaks of Solid Groove's 'Flookin' hit the floor, stop and re-ignite courtesy of an enormously funky guitar riff, bringing to mind the old classic 'La Luna' from the Ethics. It may be very early 2004, but this is already a strong contender for one of its best compilations, a mix with no pretensions and very, very danceable. Good to have him back!
  • Tracklist
      01. Cutlab - Spacey Bongo - Black Flag 02. BB Boogie - I Got It - Bitasweet 03. Vibe Residents - The DJs Calling EP/Rulers Anthem - Defected 04. Shuffle Heads - Roll Call [Asads Silverlining Mix] - Fremont 05. Pure Science - Get It Back - Black Flag 06. Peace Division - Beatz and Peacez - NRK 07. Magoo - Slips, Trips & Falls - Cross Section 08. Niquid - Saxaphobia - Defected 09. Moodyman - Music People - Mahogani 10. Men With Sticks - 3RD - JBO 11. DIY - EP #2 Hold On - DIY 12. Tabass Nocturn - The Drum - Denote 13. Dave Angel - Catch 2 - Rotation 14. Solid Groove - Flookin’ Lounging