Mørbeck - Pyramide

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  • At their best, there's something about the enveloping textures Mørbeck builds into his tracks that makes them feel both dark and hugely inviting. On Pyramide, he pulls off this trick as well as ever. The M_Rec Ltd label is known for the hypnotic quality of its releases, and from the opening moments of this EP it seems that Mørbeck intends to blend those sensibilities with his usual dark moods. On the title track, a huge, menacing bass drum advances and retreats perpetually as a mid-register pad hums away at the back. Factory clanks and far off hydraulic wheezes add further atmosphere before the drums arrive to kick things into gear. With its twitching UR keys, "Arrival Of The Stranger" is skittering by comparison, but its background sounds allow it to retain plenty of ambience. "Geometrix" has a fairly similar character but adds a good deal of squelchiness thanks to a full-bodied bass loop and aquatic keys. All three cuts are powerful tools with enough complexity and ingenuity to reward home listening, too.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pyramide B1 Arrival Of The Stranger B2 Geometrix