XXXY - 18 Hours

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  • Review the progress of Rupert Taylor's productions over the past half-decade or more and you'll find someone who knocks boots with genres like he's trying on hats. To some that might signify restlessness, but for Taylor it's merely a manifestation of his broad tastes. But even so, at its core you can usually describe his work as a form of house music. That's certainly the case with this EP's lead track, "18 Hours." Its grand synth groans and upfront claps make it feel classic—intentionally or not, it recalls two early '00s gems: Bushwacka!'s "Healer" and Funk D'Void's "Diablo." The EP's other tracks find Taylor dropping some weapons-grade acid, with the stomping "Clap Pitch" shuddering in the presence of a juggernaut of a bassline. Taylor dissolves another tab on your tongue with "Tool (Satire Mix)," but here the trip is subtler, enveloping you in a cloud of squelch and throbbing keys. In isolation both wield some clout but neither offers the broad vista of "18 Hours."
  • Tracklist
      A1 18 Hours B1 Clap Pitch B2 Tool (Satire Mix)