Mind Against - Strange Days

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  • Like Tale Of Us, Mind Against are two Italians operating out of Berlin who make music for Life And Death. They came from relative obscurity to debut at an impressive number 33 in this year's top DJs list. The sound of brothers Alessandro and Federico Fognini's two previous EPs mirrored Tale Of Us's much-loved, emotion-drenched techno, and this EP is a welcome case of more of the same. Both original tracks have everything you could want from this irresistible strain of electronic music. The title track rolls on a simmering spine of flickering keys and spacey pads that's regularly punctuated by dramatic thunder claps of bass. On "Polarstem" the brothers start with the same sort of humming background atmosphere but this time pierce it with spiralling melodies and echoing claps. Recondite closes the package with a remix of "Strange Days" that adds further grandeur to the original with orchestral strings and elegiac slabs of bass.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Strange Days B1 Polarstern B2 Strange Days (Recondite Remix)