Move D - The KM20 Tapes Volume 2 (1992-1996)

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  • Named after the studio in which they were made (Kleine Mantelgasse 20 in Heidelberg) the KM20 Tapes series collects unreleased works that Move D recorded between 1992 and 1996. The music finds a home on Off Minor, the label operated by Juju & Jordash's Jordan Czamanski, who collaborates with Move D as part of Magic Mountain High. Coarse, smoky and quietly sophisticated, KM20 Tapes Vol. 2 presents three tracks of trippy home-listening techno in a similar fashion to the first edition. A1 track "Willenlos" is 12 minutes of drifting dub techno chords with little but a muddied kick drum and some hi-hats for company. It's a relatively sparse affair, and one that's happy to take all the time that it needs: elements fade in and out so gradually and subtly you barely even notice. "Evil Trak" retains the understated character of the A-side but with a much more sinister feel. Slowly swelling reversed piano chords give a regular dose of dread, while its grubby acid pulse is reminiscent of Plastikman's output circa Sheet One. Taking the tempo down to a saunter, "Inside The Dollhouse" is the record's highpoint. A swishing synth line dances in double-time with the hats, a clear manifestation of the IDM influences that cut straight through the EP's core—which makes sense when you consider that Move D released a record on Warp around this time. Daubed with tape hiss and warm analogue textures, KM20 Tapes Vol. 2 feels particularly relevant given the current tendencies towards all things "raw" and machine-driven. Trends aside, however, Moufang's production prowess ensures a timeless quality and charisma.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Willenlos B1 Evil Trak B2 Inside The Dollhouse