Deft - Blue Jasmine EP

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  • Deft has accomplished a good amount in the three years he's been making atmospheric quasi-dubstep. The South London producer amassed a sizable collection of high-quality EPs and singles on labels like Rwina, WotNot, and Project: Mooncircle, each with its own subtle update or alteration—a dip into footwork beats, a featured vocalist. And yet you'd be hard pressed to pick a Deft production out of a lineup, as there's little idiosyncrasy in his polished tracks. Blue Jasmine doesn't change this streak, though it takes steps toward achieving an identifiable sound. The key to Blue Jasmine is its drums, which are big, crisp and never far off. Kicks hit like concussion blasts, snares and claps smack hard and sharp, and in between each pattern Deft crams just about every percussive bell and whistle he can find. These beats are sturdy and tenacious, especially on "Promise Me" and "Drawn," and provide some needed personality amidst the delicate pads and sub-bass drones. "The Night Time" is Blue Jasmine's wild card. It's not necessarily the EP's best track, but unlike the others, the song uses a focused, steady techno stomp along with its soft atmospherics. Coupled with a buzzing bassline, "The Night Time" hints at unusual ideas for Deft while staying true to the sounds he's worked with for years. He'd do well to follow that train of thought, if only to help him pick a place for his music to go.
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      A1 Vapid (Pt. 1) A2 Vapid (Pt. 2) A3 Promise Me B1 Drawn B2 The Night Time Digital: Blue Jasmine