Davide Squillace - Goiânia

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  • Davide Squillace is one of those producers who's seemingly always "there" without ever being in your face. He's the sort of hard-working, reliable type who if you go see play—whether at Circoloco, where he's been a resident for many years, or any number of venues across Europe—you probably won't be let down. And the same goes for his productions. There's nothing outlandish about these three tracks for Luciano's Cadenza; they're neither dance-floor dynamite or epically atmospheric. The temperature of "Goiânia" doesn't rise too far above freezing, with string stabs and brass synths running into a meandering bassline that trickles underneath. While Squillace pulls similar tricks on "Unit 9," this time the feel is of an intergalactic flight bursting through the troposphere in a flurry of cosmic pulses. The EP's best moment is undeniably "Blossom," which, after the Italian peppers it with strings, mutates from twinkling tech house into something far beefier.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Goiânia B1 Blossom B2 Unit 9