Efdemin - Decay Versions Pt. 2

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  • Not content with being one of the year's best albums, Efdemin's Decay has also given us some of 2014's strongest remixes. Decay Versions Pt.1 lived up to the shoegazey allure of its sleeve design with Asusu's ethereal take on "Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes," the most emotional track we've heard yet from the Livity Sound producer. Decay Versions Pt.2 does even better, with four dreamy techno cuts that occasionally outdo the originals. Don Williams and Johannes Volk provide the record's straightforward club weapons. The Mojuba boss delivers a soaring take on "Track 93," while Volk reinforces "Parallaxis" with a more slamming techno framework. E.R.P., the Dallas artist also known as Convextion, crafts a deliciously angular groove on his remix of Decay's title track, its stuttering rhythm draped in the original's eerie pads. But the record's real head-turner comes from Traumprinz, the reclusive and increasingly respected Giegling artist. His "Over 2 The End Version" of "Parallaxis" is, like many of his tracks, a melancholy showstopper that's just the right side of melodramatic. Even if the Moby-esque vocals and somber pads are too Pure Moods for you, the surprise breakbeat is sure to seal the deal.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Decay (E.R.P Version) A2 Track 93 (Don Williams Remix) B1 Parallaxis (Johannes Volk Remix) B2 Parallaxis (Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version)