Adam Beyer - You're The Same

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  • Truesoul has a broader sound than its sister label Drumcode, Adam Beyer's techno colossus. You're unlikely to hear the kind of 130 BPM juggernauts that the likes of Beyer, Nicole Moudaber and Dustin Zahn have unleashed on Drumcode, but there's still a robustness here. It's just that the tempos Beyer uses are menacing rather than murderous. Take You're The Same's title track, which rinses a vocoder to its fullest, the stretched, triple-strength baritone it creates mimicking the cavernous bass. Tech house may be a pejorative term these days but that's exactly what this is. "Valiums & LFOs" is like classic Beyer pitched down by seven or eight percent. This lets the track breath, allowing you to inspect its elements more carefully, from its heavy hammer blows to blasts of steam, although it still packs some punch. "Nature Of Keys" features lighter kicks, its soulful vocal drops and frisky hi-hats contributing to one of the jauntiest recordings of Beyer's two-decade-long career.
  • Tracklist
      A1 You're The Same B1 Valium & LFOs Digital: The Nature Of Keys