Patrik Skoog - SH01

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  • Patrik Skoog's latest record is significant for a few reasons. Firstly, SH01 is the debut release on his new label, Sample & Hold. But more importantly, it marks a return to the tough techno the Berlin-based producer built his career on but abandoned, after donning his Agaric moniker and turning to lighter sounds in the mid-'00s. Skoog's comeback makes me wonder what we've potentially missed out on over the past decade, as SH01 has just about everything you could want from a dance floor-focussed techno 12-inch. The Swede takes a variety of approaches on SH01. His best and most memorable moments are when a track's main feature is essentially a wall of sound. "Judgement" and "WHL" are prime, though very different, examples. The former is the kind of tune that completely enthrals a dance floor, perfectly combining emotion with pounding intensity through long and immersive synth chords and heaving, metallic percussion. The latter is much more sinister, and probably likely to energise more than hypnotise. It makes use of relentless drums and another high-impact mid-range. The results are also great when Skoog takes his foot off the pedal. "No End In Sight" is heady and atmospheric, but still punches hard down low. "Flashback," with dubby stabs and a housey bounce, is the record's only chilled moment, but this too is pure class. Let's hope Skoog still has a few more records like this up his sleeve.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Judgement A2 No End In Sight B1 Mod WHL B2 Flashback