Soma Recordings 2003

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  • Soma Recordings 2003 Time for a retrospective. Its that time of year where we can all comfortable sit back and reflect on the piles of quality tunes that rocked out the 2003 dance floor. The 'Soma Recordings 2003' collection is a bunch of straight up house and techno anthems that are guaranteed to have had you jiggling around the dance floor at some point this year. When your bread and butter stable for '03 consisted the likes of H-Foundation, Master H, Slam, Envoy, Funk D'Void and Percy X - the task of compiling a 73min best-of is quite possibly a hapless task. So that's what you get. For me the highlight Soma tunes of the year had to be Silicone Soul's rework of Schatraxx's "Mispent Years" and that bouncy techno number from Envoy "Night Moves". They're both here, nestled amongst Miguel Migs' remix of Gene Farris (facking solid tune), two H-Foundation remixes (from King Britt and Swag) and the distinctly ordinary effort from Master H that is "C'est La Vie". Quite. For the techno connoisseur, there's a healthy serving of Funk D'Void, Slam and Percy X. Its a solid CD as far as retrospectives go and certainly a true to form reflection of Soma's approach to the electronic music scene. What will be interesting is how many new artists make the 2004 cut. Oh....and we can't wait for Ewan Pearson's new album.