Josh Wink - Talking To You

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  • Philadelphia veteran Josh Wink went straight for the jugular with his last outing, 2013's Balls, on which he dusted down the acid-heavy artillery that he made his name with. Talking To You finds him cranking out a similarly 303-soaked floor-slayer that, despite its effectiveness, is less gripping than its predecessor. For its first few minutes "Talking To You" sounds like one of Wink's more perfunctory acid excursions, nudging along in echoey, mid-paced fashion with a blinking 303 line, zingy hats and a titular vocal refrain. A classic-Wink mid-track breakdown ushers us into more breakneck territory, however, with swooshes and a toughened acid line finally joined by machine-gun blasts and extra 303 lines. It's riotous and muscular without being enormously interesting past the first few listens. The package comes with a "Groove Mix" of the title track that, one brief peak aside, glides by where the original gets its elbows in. A "TalkApella" version that'll be useful for DJs rounds things out.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Talking To You B1 Talking To You (Groove Mix) B2 Talkapella