Midnight Magic - Vicious Love

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  • Midnight Magic, the "cosmic disco ensemble" behind tracks like "Beam Me Up" and "Drop Me A Line," have for some time been cranking out modern versions of the disco and funk of, say, Midnight Star and Cerrone. This six-track release makes excellent use of the group's horn section and the silken vocals of frontwoman Tiffany Roth, and it also hits on a surprisingly broad array of genres, pulling each off with nonchalant skill. Opener "Night Flight" is pure disco-hit material, Roth's soaring vocal ("fly, fly, fly, fly to the future") surrounded by honey-fried horns and summery percussion. "Vicious Love" is a slow-burning, sexy showcase for Roth's heavenly tones, while "Pick Up" alights on squiggly funk, with duet vocals backed by droplets of bass and more sunny horns. The flip finds the group exploring more electronic moods. "Trouble T" is an irresistible Italo/electro club track with a rubbery bass groove and sundry synth twinkles. "Electric Shock"'s croaking synth lines and swooning vocal arrives at something close to a disco/acid crossbreed. Dimitri From Paris's "Loungin' At The Disco" remix of the title track finishes the EP, transforming the original's ballad-ish mood into a floor-suitable rush of brass and synth spirals.
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      01. Night Flight 02. Vicious Love 03. Pick Up 04. Trouble T 05. Electric Shock 06. Vicious Love (Dimitri From Paris Loungin' At The Disco)