Henrik Bergqvist - BOSS004

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  • It's a safe bet that Sweden's Henrik Bergqvist doesn't approach his art with a profound seriousness. A track off his last Aniara EP prominently samples the beloved pre-YouTube video meme where the PSAs that ran at the end of old G.I. Joe episodes were overdubbed with absurdist nonsense. In terms of dance floor heft, though, Bergvist's music is all business, with cutting percussion and driving arrangements bent on keeping punters sweaty. His latest tracks have found their way onto Bossmusik, where a cadre of Swedish producers have lately found a home for no-nonsense, sharp-as-knives club tracks. The three cuts are indeed simple, functional and pounding, but they're not devoid of details. Peel back the slamming drums and grizzly half-melodies of "Skyrunner," and you'll find a steaming center of filtered noise. Your attention drifts from it after a minute or two, but it's always there, adding tension to the perfunctory stomp. Bergqvist uses a similar sound on "Caballo Blanco," though the effect is more pretty and ethereal than nervy and unsettling. Wobbly hand percussion, psychedelic synth warbles and the occasional breathy voice propel the track—hardly the typical ingredients for a floor-filler, but Bergqvist's builds make them do ecstatic things nevertheless. The flip is billed as a bonus cut, and it features something we don't see too often in dance music: a cover of a techno tune. In this case, it's a "Lost In Translation Mix" of DBX's classic "Losing Control." The signature vocal has been rerecorded in Swedish and the sonics have been given a more contemporary sheen, but the overall thrust is the same. It's likely to raise a few eyebrows in the rave, though it's a cheaper thrill than the gripping originals.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Caballo Blanco A2 Skyrunner B1 Losing Control (Lost In Translation Mix)