Lapalux - Movement I, II & III

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  • Stuart Howard is the only UK producer in the LA-centric Brainfeeder crew. So far his work has been distinguished by a sharper compositional focus—he still packs his tracks with sounds and ideas, but he shapes them into coherent songs. Never has this been clearer than on this lengthy new three-part track, which melds intense textural layering with a symphonic approach to songwriting. Haunting slide guitar work and kitchen-sink-style percussion define "Movement I, II & III." Along with a smoky if unremarkable female vocal, it gives the seven-minute track a romantic, deep-blue hue. Howard proves adept at managing many elements at once: his synths bloom and flutter in the first movement, light up the backdrop like gas lamps on a street corner in the more contemplative midsection, and then everything comes together for one big, heavenly crush of sad melody at the end. It's a little mushy in parts, but Howard delivers it with more than enough conviction.
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      01. Movement I, II & III