Rødhåd - Haumea

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  • Rødhåd's ascent through the techno ranks is all the more impressive when you consider what he specialises in: subtlety. He's transformed from a DJ most at home playing for a few dozen Monday morning Berlin clubbers to a major festival drawcard, but his sound remains grounded in sleek minimalism. This is most obvious in his productions. The German's fifth 12-inch, Haumea, arrives on Token, a label that deals in similarly hi-fi sounds. It's hard to think of an imprint more suited to Rødhåd's style than Token, which with this EP has another quality piece of wax in its catalogue. That said, Haumea probably isn't going to win Rødhåd any new fans. It features three versions of one track ("Haumea"), and each is about as loopy as dance floor techno gets these days. Of the two originals, "Dirt Mix" will likely get the most spins. It features Rødhåd's funkiest bassline so far, paired with a crunching hi-hat and the usual glossy bleeps. The A-side is a little more subdued and linear, with less focus on the low-end and a simpler progression. Token mainstay Ø Phase supplies a remix, beefing up the kick drum and adding a series of ominous pads.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Haumea B1 Haumea (Ø Phase Satellite Mix) B2 Haumea (Dirt Mix)