CW/A - Conducting The Method

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  • Clockwork and Avatism first joined forces with the Archetypes EP back in 2012. It featured the far-reaching "One Trick Pony," a brooding, reverb-heavy cut that introduced the ambitious sound they've continued to explore live at clubs and festivals. Vakant now releases Conducting The Method, the pair's second collaborative piece of wax, which is as dark, heavy-hitting and focussed as their first EP. The three originals on Conducting The Method were initially made for Clockwork and Avatism's live set, which debuted at Sonár in 2013. Each cut unsurprisingly has a live feel, as though tailor-made for a big room or festival setting. The title track is driving and expansive, with a big melodic middle that should create immersive dance floor moments. Broken, junglist beats define the 140 BPM "Sothis," the least melodic cut in the package (which is also transformed into a house track by Life And Death duo Dead Heat). "Modern Conflict Theory" kicks even harder than the A-side, again harnessing big, sprawling synths. Together the duo clearly share a clear vision—let's hope they keep collaborating.
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      A1 Conducting the Method A2 Sothis B1 Modern Conflict Theory B2 Sothis (Dead Heat Remix)