Tommy Four Seven - OX

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  • Tommy Four Seven has released music on roughly a dozen labels, but his partnership with CLR has clearly been the most fruitful. Chris Liebing's imprint has hosted the Englishman's best (and most brutal) work, most of which featured on his 2011 album Primate. After a break from putting out solo material—he's released as part of These Hidden Hands with Alain in the meantime—Tommy Four Seven is back with OX. It's made up of two cuts crafted from the same scratchy and abrasive palette of his earlier work, capped off with a remix from Oscar Mulero. Some might be disappointed that Tommy Four Seven hasn't dropped a beast for his solo comeback. Opener "OX 1" is oddly atmospheric, with a snarling midrange and a chunky kick drum. It's a far cry from his most hard-hitting and memorable work (think 2010's "Sor" and 2011's "Ratu"), but its tough ambience probably suits just about any setting a techno DJ could find themselves in. "OX 2" snarls, too, but it's even loopier. Oscar Mulero's remix of "OX 1" straightens the beat out and takes it closer to peak-time. Like the two originals, it will be a handy cut to have in your bag. But when you consider Tommy Four Seven's ability to craft dance floor destroyers, it's easy to feel underwhelmed by a 12-inch of tools.
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      A1 OX 1 B1 OX 1 (Oscar Mulero Remix) B2 OX 2