Wrong Steps - Wrong Steps

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  • Italian producer Wrong Steps is the latest new name to feature on Huntleys & Palmers, a label that often deals in ideas that are as obscure as some of its artists. Wrong Steps' self-titled EP is a bit of a departure from the label's previous releases. For a start, it feels much less frenetic than early efforts from Auntie Flo and Alejandro Paz, and it dispenses with the kitschy excesses of some of the label's poppier moments. What's left is a musically mature four-tracker that is almost deserving of the label's own comparisons to Floating Points, Portable and Metro Area. There's certainly a dash of Morgan Geist's barren funk on "Glam," which buries a warm sequence of techno-y chords under a purring bassline and chunky string stabs. "Rain," the other half of the alluring A-side, is a densely packaged treat of UK-inspired rhythms that pop with grainy textures and details. On the reverse, "Gyms" puts together some ostensibly mismatched ingredients to create an enjoyable stew of wandering synths and funk guitar. "Yvam," a pulsing early-morning jam, rounds off a surefooted debut for Wrong Steps.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Glam A2 Rain B1 Yyam B2 Gyms