The Oliverwho Factory - Black

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  • While they've notched a couple of notable releases on Planet E and Rush Hour, it's their own Madd Chaise label that has housed the bulk of The Oliverwho Factory's output. If they've been less than prolific it's understandable, given their personal circumstances— Daryl and Shone Caliman are a husband and wife team with three kids to care for. There's a pleasing rawness to their music. They don't whittle away each element, buffing it to a brilliant sheen; instead you can hear every hiss and crackle. If you considered "Black"'s attributes in isolation—titanium-tough kicks, distorted pulses, its speedy pace—you might think you'd be in for an aural assault. But through a breezy synth motif the Calimans weave soul into it, a technique reminiscent of Octave One. The soundbed for the flipside doesn't veer too wildly from the original, but Shone's breathless vocal refracts it through a disco glitterball. The only real complaint is that you may be left feeling hungry for more.
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      A1 Black A2 Black (Love Hangover Mix)