Mic Newman & Max Graef - Real Dubz

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  • Australian producer Mic Newman (AKA Fantastic Man) spent several weeks living in young Berliner Max Graef's broom cupboard last autumn. This one-off, collaborative two-tracker was recorded sometime during this by-all-accounts rather boozy interlude, and the results unsurprisingly merge a laid-back, off-the-cuff feel with floor-friendliness. The jaunty Rhodes at the centre of "Soothe Me" lays its Theo Parrish/Sound Signature inspirations firmly on the table, with music-box chimes and synth spirals periodically coalescing and dispersing over clipped, steady percussion. "Relaxin' At The Flip" has a raw analogue core of rapid hats, rough kicks and a deep, fuggy bassline. However, these elements are gleefully leavened—and indeed overshadowed—by twinkling, jazzy piano and sparkling Arps, ensuring that the release's illuminate, carefree feel survives to the end.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Soothe Me B1 Relaxin' At The Flip