Various - New Jack Tribal

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  • If Turbo's New Jack Tribal series sets out to remind us of the Canadian production pool's depth then it hits its target—although the four contributors here aren't all the "emerging talent" Tiga's label would have you believe. One is Chris Hreno, who was releasing records with The Mole as far back as 2001. The pace of life may be slower in Canada, but c'mon, eh? Clarian is certainly in no hurry, enveloping his contribution, "Inuit," in a cloak of paranoia. While the rest of the EP is hardly lightweight, the track is a death rattle. Its most alluring feature is a slow, measured build that finally bubbles over. The dark, acidic rumble of Hreno's "Tree Trunks" ups the pace, but it's a bit too linear, leaving Turbo A&R man Von Party to come closest to the original tribal aim. "Pygmy Funk" is a lurching affair that marries tightly wound drums with chattering woodblocks. Von Party also adds a soundtrack of exotic birds, which could be taking the tribal thing too literally. Mike Mind has decked his Montreal studio with the sort of gear that could have it doubling as a showroom, but he uses just a small portion of it on "Caveman," an all-too-brief acid stomp that sounds a bit like Kraftwerk slow-peddling through "Tour De France."
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      A1 Clarian - Inuit A2 Hreno - Tree Trunks B1 Von Party - Pygmy Funk B2 Mike Mind - Caveman