Scrase - Another

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  • Having previously appeared only on net labels, London-based Greg Scrase now releases two 12-inches on the same day, and on the same label. Where Heart has brittle rhythms drenched in saccharine melodies, Another is all sombre atmospherics and African percussion. Quite a difference, then. But on this evidence, Scrase is a producer who can turn his hand to a range of styles. And on Another, his skill with details—percussion, in particular—matches up against artists with much larger discographies. The "Perc" variations are the more subtle tracks. The drum programming is painstakingly detailed and visual: some hits boom with sub-bass, others whisper in the distance, and all carefully inhabit their place in the 3-D soundstage. "Another" and "Movon" are more dance floor-oriented. The first is driven by a massive 4/4 kick drum and charging congas. It pushes itself forward with lifts, drops and a smart switch-up of the conga pattern near the end. "Movon" is less intense—it's dank bass music somewhere along the lines of Livity Sound. An eerie lead, sounding something like a toad being passed through a granulator, contributes to the feel of early evening apprehension. Lakker, having graced the first of Love Love's vinyl releases, provide a remix of "Another." They pile on the nervous tension through an odd drum pattern and a whole heap of aggressive static. There's a stronger handling of club dynamics than in Scrase's version, but the original doesn't fall short by much, making it all the more impressive that it's only his first physical release.
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      01. Perc 12 02. Another 03. Perc 13 04. Movon 05. Another (Lakker Remix) 06. Perc 15