Omar-S - Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik

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  • Alex O. Smith, better known as Omar-S, is a cult figure in house music for a few reasons. There's the sound of his records: a bit sci-fi, a bit soulful, delivered with simplicity. There's his salty charisma, something you get in interviews as well as track titles ("U Heard What Da Man Said Muthafukka!!"), and that's offset by an evident soft side (techno tear-jerkers don't come much better than "The Further You Look The Less You See"). But perhaps most important is his extraordinary consistency—the Detroit producer has released a few 12-inches every year since 2003. Some of them have been spectacular, all of them are at least solid. His latest is Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik, and while it's unlikely to have the staying power of, say, 2012's Triangulum Australe (Say It In Space), it still exudes the effortless style that makes him great. The title "Annoying Mumbling Alkoholik" is, like many of Omar-S's track names, a red herring—it's lush and melodic deep house cut from the same cloth as Kraftwerk's "Computer Love." "Serving Cavi On 18 And Garfield" has an even lighter touch. Tinny claps and hi-hats frame a bubbling flow of keys, eventually joined by a short-lived kick drum. The record finishes with "This Muthafuk'ka," a grimy acid house number Smith could have made in his sleep. Not that I hold it against him. Smith's unfussy approach is part of his appeal—if it makes for an unforgettable track every now and then, I'm willing to give him a pass.
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      A1 Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik B1 Serving Cavi On 18 & Garfield B2 This Muthafuk'ka