Anomaly - Sun & Moon

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  • Fred P's second outing as his dubbed-out alter ego Anomaly is techno at its most refined. Where Red Clouds hinted at the New Yorker's tougher side, Sun & Moon is loopy, and leaner than a feral dog. "Serinatatis," especially, is an exercise in paucity. Aside from a phased pad that seems to separate and merge like unravelling twine, there's nothing for eight minutes bar barely audible, rippling drum rolls and a bass pulse. With such small elements flickering almost out of earshot, the track rolls on endlessly but sounds like it's changing bar to bar, making for a disconcerting atmosphere. "Dark Population" is a straightforward slab of tunnelling techno, with big kicks, a two-note bass riff and, on occasion, a hi-hat that slaps against the beat. It's all very restrained until things burst into life for the final 30 seconds, meaning there's too much build for not enough payoff. "Convective Zone" is more successful, thanks to a moist bassline ricocheting between kick and snare hits. Again, we have to wait until the closing section before everything comes to a head—this time with what sounds like a distant sax solo echoing into forever—but here it's a climax worth waiting for.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Serinatatis B1 Dark Population B2 Convective Zone