Jacob Korn - EP1

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  • You & Me, Jacob Korn's 2012 debut album for Dresden's Uncanny Valley, was a swirling, often serrated and always challenging take on deep house that succeeded through experimentation rather than falling back on the genre's usual tropes. This wonderful EP, the first of two by Korn that the label will release in the coming months, picks up where that record left off, both in terms of its varied musical atmosphere and in its precipitously high quality. Its joyous guitar sample cavorting over claps, elasticated drums and fluttering vocal fragments, "Eisladen" makes for a euphoric opener. The early moments of "Arzt im Praktikum" are spent in the gently propulsive company of ping-pong drums and cowbells before unexpected warning-siren rave chords kick things into high gear. You & Me consisted entirely of collaborations, and on "Fahrt durch Tal," Korn goes down this route again, with Phillip Oertel guesting on bass guitar. His languorous work lends the track a jazz/disco feel that's complemented by glinting pads and a soulful vocal. The tropical-sounding synth chords of "Kokosnuss," meanwhile, echo the jaunty feel of "Eisladen." Punchy percussion, acidic bass and gorgeous pads complete a swelling, rumbling treat of a closer.
  • Tracklist
      01. Eisladen 02. Arzt im Praktikum 03. Fahrt durch Tal feat. Phillip Oertel 04. Kokosnuss