Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs

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  • There's a point on 'Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs' where a man expresses his surprise at the sounds Koalas make, and he's followed by a burst of noises you won't want to hear if you're feeling queasy! I too experienced surprise at the sounds made by this particular Koala, who follows up his debut album 'The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' with a surprisingly warm, tender record, hilarious in places and introspective in others. Using the turntable as a melodic instrument in old time music such as 'Basin Street Blues', it's clear that a lot of thought and skill has gone into this. There's no showboating on the scratching front either - if it ain't musical it's not included. That even applies to 'Flu Season', a sound picture of two virus-ridden DJs meeting in the middle of a street - as funny as it sounds! Koala occasionally plays piano, such as on 'Space Cadet 2', and there's a snippet from one of his most loved comic characters, Grandmaphone. 'More Dance Music' implores you to 'learn to shake your ass', and the closing 'Vacation Island' is warmly romantic. Grandmaphone and Negatron appear in the accompanying book, Kid Koala's comic in black and white illustration. Like the music it's funny, tender, and painstakingly achieved.