Rekord 61 - Vostok EP

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  • After having his music knocked back by several established labels, Alexander Babaev, AKA Rekord 61, realised that if he wanted to get his music out there, he'd have to do it himself. In an age where setting up your own label has never been easier, the Russian's story is unremarkable—except that Konstruktiv has enjoyed a more solid start than most. Its latest outing showcases two more cuts of outré techno from Babaev, accompanied by a Spencer Parker remix. "Vostok" is one of the Moscow producer's most mature works. A firm drum break rocks impatiently beneath acid gurgles and a resonant, two-toned bassline. As the track unfurls, classic trance synths glide into focus, transforming the record into something Sasha would have played in 1996. But don't let that put you off. Parker switches up the vibe with his "Workmix," sliding in a 4/4 beat and sending big-room stabs galloping across heavyset kicks and rolling 303s. It's club techno at its most elemental and effective. “Razbag” is just as uncomplicated, if less accessible. A persistent acid line yo-yos at pace over dull thuds and unrelenting snares, while a broken radio hisses wildly in the background. It might take a while to warm to Babaev's techno, but you'll be rewarded when you do.
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      01. Vostok 02. Vostok (Spencer Parker Workmix) 03. Razberg