Kalabrese - Remixes EP

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  • Last year's Independent Dancer, the sophomore album from Sacha Winkler, AKA Kalabrese, had the Swiss producer delivering a twisted take on the 4/4 groove—full of quirky beats and live instrumentation—that afforded comparisons with the masterful Matthew Herbert. Mr Herbert must have agreed, as he headlines this remix package with a drastic reworking of "Desperate Man." The low-slung jazz house of the original is contorted into a breathless oompah stomp, with a chattering stick-on-ribcage rhythm and relentless metallic clunks. You can't imagine anyone else giving it such a treatment. We're so used to seeing Herbert run away from the field, that it comes as something of a surprise to find Acid Pauli stay close to him with his take on "Wanzka." He leaves the sad horns, handclaps and bluesy atmosphere of the original intact, feeding that mood with contorted bass and dabs of minimal percussion. Frank Weidemann's remix of "Stone On Your Back" isn't a hundred miles away from the atmosphere achieved by Acid Pauli. He twists Kalabrese's version into some shuffling analogue house, replete with a stoned, reggae-paced groove. Finally, Canson also takes on "Desperate Man." Built on a gentle analogue synth throb, it's a valiant effort, but not far enough removed from the original to barge its way to the front.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Desperate Man (Matthew Herbert Remix) A2 Wanzka (Acid Pauli Remix) B1 Stone On Your Back (Frank Wiedmann Remix) B2 Desperate Man (Canson Remix)