Black Light Smoke - Firefly

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  • Jordan Lieb is the third piece of the Scissor & Thread puzzle along with Frank & Tony and Bob Moses, and he's also the most unpredictable one. His records are serviceable, but Lieb really shines in the live arena, where he kicks up wild grooves with all the head-banging enthusiasm of a punk rocker. That's not the side of him that comes across on the more romantic Firefly, however—instead we get dusky twilight jams that reveal a delicate touch. Well, sort of: "Firefly" is a pastiche of Crosstown Rebels-style deep house, replete with a jaunty bassline and apathetic vocals. A careful listen to the script—two wasted people trying to court each other after the club—suggests that it's tongue-in-cheek, but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow. "Morning Comes" makes the theme more palatable, replacing the decadence with a tinge of regret. "Screws In My Head," a driving EBM exercise, is the only hint towards the energy of those live shows, especially when it hits a screeching fever pitch. But the tune without vocals, "Black Bricks," is the one that steals the show with a gift for dance floor pacing: spacey synths, flanged drums and some nice filter work keep it fluid and captivating for all eight minutes, rounding off a solid EP with one of his best tracks yet.
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      A1 Firefly A2 Morning Comes B1 Black Bricks B2 Screws In My Head