Tiefschwarz - Fire It Out feat. Ruede Hagelstein

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  • It's all too easy to dismiss Tiefschwarz as an act who have influenced the current generation of house producers but are now ready to be put out to pasture. But based on "Fire It Out," that suggestion may be far too hasty. The main mix is a sophisticated slab of house laced with radar blips and mewling synths, but the extended mix is the one to seek out. It may as well be renamed—Ruede Hagelstein's breathy falsetto apart, it sounds like a new track entirely. It reverberates to the sound of slapped congas and a rising synth tone before exploding into a fuzzy mass of reversed keys, outdoing the original in the process. The "Boy Remix"—the first of two from dOP—finds the French trio bringing the intensity of the original down a notch and upping the menace with a searing three-note refrain; the "Girl Remix" is more accessible, and all the better for it, a kind of stoned Italo house in which slashing strings cut through its central core. But the overall honours go to Fango, who upholds Italy's dark techno reputation with a frantic, disturbing mix. What sounds like a torture rack being mercilessly wound fights for space with brutal kicks, canine yelps and an angry buzz.
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      A1 Fire It Out feat. Ruede Hagelstein (Tiefschwarz Extended) B1 Fire It Out feat. Ruede Hagelstein (dOP Boy Remix) B2 Fire It Out feat. Ruede Hagelstein (Fango Remix) Digital: Fire It Out Digital: Fire It Out (dOP Girl Remix)