Various - TPN002

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  • Taapion, a vinyl-only techno label from Paris, launched last year with a gritty first release from Shlømo, who runs the label with AWB and PVNV. For their second record, the label heads link up with a couple more locals, delivering a nicely diverse four-tracker that further highlights Taapion and its artists as a worthy addition to the French techno scene. "The Quiet In The Land" from Antigone is, as the name might imply, a restrained, spacious effort. It packs an interesting drum arrangement (DJs will need to give some attention to those stuttered kicks) and an elastic lead, while long orchestral sighs and urgent bleeps drift sharply into focus. PVNV picks up the pace a little on "Rollin Dust," moving through echo-laden corridors occasionally illuminated by a descending synth line. Roman Poncet's "Transignal" leads the B-side, and his menacing, 3/4 drive is the record's most peak-time-ready cut. The best track here might be the last, Shlømo and AWB's "Twelve Fortresses," which enters into airier environs and features all sorts of soft, glimmering synths. Overall, though, there's no filler on this collection of straightforward and subtle cuts.
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      A1 Antigone - The Quiet In The Land A2 PVNV - Rollin Dust B1 Roman Poncet - Transignal B2 Shlomo & AWB -Twelve Fortresses