Erdbeerschnitzel - The Ample Waters

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  • Tim Kieling doesn't exactly bang them out. It's been a year since his last EP—also for Delsin—which came 12 months after an album for Mirau. But his music is so intricate and so finessed that it's not hard to understand why it takes time for stuff to appear. Like that last release, The Ample Waters sees Kieling on floor-facing form. The title track is rooted in thumping kicks and a slap-tinged bassline, over which strings pluck, sweep and intertwine in a way that would sound confusing in any other hands. It's like French-touch house with the samples sliced up and rearranged rather than looped. "With Level Hopes" charts a similar if more synthetic course. It's more subdued—the low-end thrums and the synths seem sunbaked, with filter sweeps flicking them in and out of focus—but no less stirring. "Never Tilt" unfurls with a louche breakbeat that punches through an RJD2-like synth and bass dialogue, and closer "Yet Unfulfilled" is a dreamy swirl of synth chords and warped vocals with kicks flickering away in the depths. As ever, Erdbeerschnitzel's releases are well worth waiting for.
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      A1 The Ample Waters A2 Never Tilt B1 With Level Hopes B2 Yet Unfulfilled