Glitterbox in Ibiza

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  • Launching a party in Ibiza is anything but easy. Faced with such an expensive and over-saturated market, clubbers go with what they know, following the brands and DJs that guarantee a full club and a good time. As a result, new parties face an uphill battle from the word go, especially those that jump straight in with a full summer schedule. Glitterbox, the new venture from Defected, is the latest outfit to run the gauntlet, taking on the Saturday night slot at Booom! While the flagship Tuesday party pushes a contemporary house sound for this generation's club-kids, Glitterbox has one eye on the past, showcasing classic disco from some of the sound's veteran players. Headlining the third edition last weekend were Greg Wilson, X-Press 2 and Horse Meat Disco. Entering the venue just north of 1:30 AM, I was immediately struck by how well the party suited Booom! Large disco balls hung from the ceiling, sending streams of purple light across the dance floor and the surrounding tiers. Attendance was a little low, but it was still early. And the music, rolled out by Luke Howard and James Hillard of Horse Meat Disco, was fantastic. The pair led with classics like Diana Ross's "The Boss," drawing smiles from every corner of the club. Greg Wilson followed, adding effects on a reel-to-reel tape deck to go with his CDs. He gave the party a more modern lean, interspersing cuts from Todd Terje ("Strandbar") with seminal selections (First Choice's "Let No Man Put Asunder," Gwen Mccrae's "Keep The Fire Burning.") By this stage, the club was barely any busier. This didn't really matter at the time, but there's no getting around the fact that a party in Ibiza won't last long without hitting its targets. With its comparatively mature sound, Glitterbox should have no trouble luring in punters of a certain age, so they should promote the affiliation with Defected as much as possible in hope of attracting the island's hoards of cash-ready 20-somethings. The truth is, they'd love it. Glitterbox offers you the chance to really let your hair down and dance, away from the ubiquitous thud of the island's house and techno fare. Arthur Baker, Hercules And Love Affair and Joey Negro are all playing there in the coming weeks. Let's hope the island soon realises what it's missing out on.