Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer

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  • For a genre with such distinctive features, breakcore has always been a multifaceted beast. Due to the very nature of the style, it can absorb other genres with ease, creating a specific sound without compromising the frantic brutality of its hardtek and jungle roots. No one knows this better than Aaron Funk, AKA Venetian Snares. His use of neo-classical sounds on 2005's Rossz Csillag Alatt Született made that record one of breakcore's most important albums. The rest of his back catalogue shows that he's no stranger to a high concept, either—something that's especially clear on My Love Is A Bulldozer, his first album as Venetian Snares in four years. As you might imagine from the cover art, My Love Is A Bulldozer is a deeply ostentatious album, though knowingly so. Essentially, it's a breakcore musical, and every bit as ridiculous as that sounds. The album begins with the strings and jazzy breaks of "10th Winnepeg," complete with Shirley Bassey-esque vocals. It's not long before the track descends into a lurching bassline and Funk's furious percussion, but the flamboyant nature of the song is ever-present. Jazzy beats appear throughout the record, in a consistently impressive feat of drum patterning. "Shaky Sometimes" is a particularly great example—were it not for the occasional unmistakeable amen, you would presume it was simply a live drummer, and a fantastic one at that (at least for the first minute and half). What makes the album particularly unique is Funk's use of his own vocals, which, surprisingly enough, may be the most theatrical element of all. On tracks like "1,000 Years," he honestly sound like he could be auditioning for Les Misérables. Coupled with the frankly insane lyrics about fighting dragons and wizards, it would be embarrassing were it not for its clearly tongue-in-cheek delivery. If the refrain "Only you / can make my dick feel like this" on the album's title track is a genuine attempt at romantic sincerity, you've got to feel a little sorry for whoever it's aimed at. The track itself is also an album highlight, a intense, 8-bit baroque piece that teeters between operatics and metal snarls. Moreover, it's actually damn funny, as is most of the album. This isn't Funk's greatest work, but it's not an off-day either. It's a novel concept, undeniably well-executed. Was it worth the wait? I'd have to say it was. So never fear, fellow breakcore fans, the prodigal son has returned, and he's on fine form as ever. Now don't all of our parents' basements feel that little bit brighter?
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      01. 10th Circle Of Winnipeg 02. Deleted Poems 03. 1000 Years 04. Your Smiling Face 05. Amazon 06. My Love Is A Bulldozer 07. She Runs 08. 8am Union Station 09. Shaky Sometimes 10. Too Far Across 11. Dear Poet 12. Your Blanket