Witch - Vent

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  • Leeds techno artist Samir Alikhanizadeh has been on quite a journey already, so the next logical step was to set up a label. PT/5, a joint venture with Al Gill, debuts with an EP from Leicester duo Witch. It dovetails with the fiery, uncompromising industrial techno that Alikhanizadeh has been shredding bassbins with these past two years. Back in 2012, Witch's Jack Brewin and Calum Price were in a metal band, but their new sound is even more crushing. "Vent" is a neck-grabbing techno onslaught, with elephantine kicks and abrasive swirls of acid. "S2007 S2" takes a different tack, although an underlying malevolence remains. It begins with a surge of white noise and a security-alarm yelp that increases in intensity, before exploding into a half-stepping monster, clanking and booming like a steelworks. Truss recasts "Vent" as nightmarish electro, the bass juddering and jolting with an unforgiving intensity. Shifted takes "S2007 S2" for a late night trip into deep, atmospheric techno territory, armed with throbbing bass and flecks of skittering ambient noise.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Vent A2 Vent (Truss Remix) B1 S2007 S2 B2 S2007 S2 (Shifted Reduction)